Diposkan pada Gado-gado

2014, bye!

It was a good year, but not a great one for my personal life
I did not do appropriate things for my pregnancy plan, although I have put my wish to have cute babies in my resolution since 2013 😦
I did not spend enough time for doing the religious thing, let’s say Monday-Thursday fasting, reading Al-Qur’an 😦
I still wasted my time by watching useless things like Korea, infotainment 😦
I did not have any improvement in cooking skill and other household things 😦
Lot of complaints and angers 😦
I still postponed the exercise and gave less attention to my health, although the body has screamed louder 😦
… I realized it, but somehow too many excuses for those deferment.

But, for sure there were some relief and good things in 2014;
My brother’s graduation (finally) was a relief; although he looks still confused for his future, but at least he made a movement 🙂
I took ACCA courses 🙂
We manage & invest our money better; We did old house renovation and then got a new one with affordable prices 🙂

I then decided (just few minutes a go) not to make any resolutions in 2015. I am trying to wash my brain to put those 6 things as my urgent priority .. Wish me luck!

Yuhuu 2015, I am so ready to beat you …

2015's 1st Selfie
2015’s 1st Selfie


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